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Personal Injury Medical Management & Interventional Pain Management Procedures

Who We Are:

  Sara Chamberlain, NP-C                                                           Christopher Sanchez, MD                                                            John P. Somner, MD
Certifed Nurse Practitioner                                                             Orthopedic Surgeon                                                                    Medical Director 

                                                  Anne L. Foundas, MD, FAAN                                                             Thomas Myers, MD
                                             Neurology/Traumatic Brain Injury                                        Board Certified Intervential Pain Medicine

Rediscover a comfortable life when you receive interventional pain procedures from our highly trained Physicians at the Medical Spine & Injury Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We accept personal injury & worker's compensation ONLY. We are ready to help you get back on your feet.

We are confident in the effectiveness of our treatment and procedures & promise you will not need to pay until your case is fully settled. Using minimally invasive procedures such as epidural steriod injections, facet injections, medial branch blocks, and radiofrequency ablations our Interventional Pain Management Physicians, will help to ease your pain.  

Contact us to schedule an appointment, and stop allowing pain to get in the way of your life.