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  Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections

Relieve pain caused by a pinched nerve, bulging or herniated discs when you receive cervical epidural steroid injections from the Medical Spine & Injury Center. Compressed nerves in the cervical spine, often related to conditions such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis, create pain and discomfort in the neck and extremities which can interfere with daily activities and your quality of life.  Stop letting pain control you, control your pain.

Procedure Preparation

The procedure is performed with you lying face down. A section of skin and tissue on the spine is numbed with a local anesthetic, delivered through a small needle.

During the Procedure

Using an X-ray device called a fluoroscope, our physician guides a needle to the area causing pain in the spine. A needle is inserted into the epidural space of the spine, the region through which spinal nerves travel, Dr. Helm then injects a contrast dye to ensure proper needle placement at the irritated nerve or nerves.

Neck Pain - Steroid Injections

Steroid Injected

Once proper needle placement is confirmed, a combination of an anesthetic (a numbing agent) and corticosteroid (anti-infammatory) solution is injected. The steroid is then absorbed by the inflammed nerves, to decrease swelling and relieve painful pressure. The needle is then removed and a small bandage is applied.


After the procedure you will be moved to a recovery suite for a short monitoring period. Upon release, you will be sent home with post-procedure instructions and a 24 hour pain journal.  A schedule of up to three injections, when paired with conservative therapy, is proven to show significant improvement in pain and daily functioning.

Contact us to get back to doing the things your love by finding relief from your pain with epidural steroid injections.